Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones: Season 1, Episode 6 “AKA You’re a Winner” (B+)

This show is so full of rich characters that this episode took some time off from Trish and Will and brought back Luke for an enlightening episode full of disturbing revelations. Now that Malcolm has been saved from Kilgrave’s continued influence thanks to Jessica’s photo agreement, he’s being quite an advocate for Jessica, amusingly trying to stand up to Luke and make sure that he hasn’t been Kilgraved and that he has Jessica’s best interests at heart. Hearing him talk at the support group really underlines how traumatizing and life-destroying Kilgrave is. The start of the episode featured Kilgrave using his powers to get an entire table of poker players to fold so that he could walk away with over a million dollars, and then he decided to play fair and offer the owner of his new house double what it should go for on the condition that he left the next day. It’s so intriguing to see when he uses his abilities and how when he doesn’t use them, like with the purchase and his security detail, it’s fully for business reasons rather than moral ones. It’s a good thing that Kilgrave doesn’t know that Hope is pregnant, though I suspect that Hogarth is going to push hard to get a sample of his DNA and tip him off in the process. Jessica and Luke’s relationship was a rollercoaster in this hour, starting off with a happy reunion once he realized what Kilgrave had done to her and ending miserably with him furious that Jessica hadn’t told him she killed his wife. He’s the best ally she could ask for, so hopefully they’ll find a way to make peace enough to continue to work together to take down the man who ruined both of their lives for good.

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