Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What I'm Watching: Master of None

Master of None: Season 1, Episode 6 “Nashville” (B+)

Now this was a great episode. I couldn't be more excited to have Noel Wells back as a newly single Rachel who was brave enough to accept the bold invitation from an eager Dev to fly to Nashville for their first real date. Starting off from a position of already knowing each other was enormously helpful and enabled them to just fire back humorous comments at each other, and what a pair they make. Trying to get the hotel clerk to admit that there had been a murder in their room was a fun start, and they just kept on going with that throughout the course of their entire stay. It was a shame to see Dev make the unfortunate misstep of trusting the usually reliable Waze and making them miss their flight back, an especially lamentable development considering they were late so that he could go get a sauce he could have bought at the airport, but luckily the rut didn't last long as he tried to make it up to her on their flight and then promptly asked her to hang out more as soon as they got back to New York. It's a real delight to see Dev doing so well romantically, finally getting a girl who is completely on the same page as him about everything related to humor and fun things to do. They were comfortable enough to nap during their out-of-town date, and her being a vegetarian isn't a dealbreaker. I really hope this thing is going to last – they're great for each other.

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