Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Master of None

Master of None: Season 1, Episode 8 “Old People” (B+)

This episode returned to the kind of theme that this show used over the course of its first few episodes, but I think it was more effective here than in the “Parents” episode people seem to love so much. This episode earns extra points for a relatively positive use of Arnold, who at first was trying to help his grandfather get a clearer picture on his VHS tape of “Twins” and then found himself bonding with his doll after his grandfather passed away. Dev talking about his relationship with his grandparents who live in India and don’t speak English was the perfect impetus for Rachel to realize that she should really visit her grandmother, who lives in the Bronx, more. I love how truly excited Dev was to get to talk to a woman whose life experiences enabled her to see what New York City used to be like, and offering to stay to hang out with her when Rachel had a work emergency to deal with was especially sweet. Agreeing to sneak Grandma Carol out of the nursing home to grab a great Italian meal was a bit riskier, though seeing how happy she was singing at the club with a thankful smile on her face when Rachel and Dev showed up made it all worth it. This show does a good job of enabling its main characters to grow as a result of their interest, however minimal, in what others older than them have been through and have to share with them.

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