Saturday, December 12, 2015

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 1, Episode 7 “Human for a Day” (B+)

Kara not having her powers was an inevitability at some point, and I like how it was handled in this episode. The fact that James and Maxwell are both well aware that Supergirl must have lost her abilities temporarily because she essentially overexerted herself is intriguing, and naturally they came back just when they needed to in the nick of time. The best part, though, was how Kara still wanted to help save the world and do good even without super strength or flight, and that she was courageous enough to walk into the middle of a holdup without true invincibility is the sign of a real hero. I prefer those moments to Cat dominating scenes and sending employees home for catching colds and daring to show up at work and potentially infect everyone else. It’s great that James managed to capture a great picture that helps to paint her as the brave do-gooder she is. Much of the more enticing drama of the hour came from the prisoner on the loose who nearly escaped and killed a whole bunch of people, and the fact that Alex decided that was the time to air her mistrust of her boss was unfortunate and inconvenient. It was all well worth it, though, for the big reveal that Hank is not actually Hank but an alien shapeshifter who showed his true self in the most dramatic and awesome fashion possible. Now Alex can trust the alien who seems like a good guy and wants to help Kara, and maybe he’ll be an even be a better ally since everything is out in the open.

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