Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Round Two: Frequency

Frequency: Season 1, Episode 2 “Signal and Noise” (B)

I want to like this show a lot, but I’m still not sold on the concept working in a regular weekly format. Raimy is realizing that every little thing she does have a serious effect on things in the past, no matter how small. It’s going to get increasingly difficult to keep track of what actually happened and what has now transpired in the new timeline, with only the 2016 version of Raimy there to remember more than one version of things. Raimy could have scored a solid win and ensured that her mother’s life was saved by acknowledging that what seemed like craziness that Frank was spewing to his wife in 1996, but I guess the relationship needs to be purely between the two of them at this point. Frank is being celebrated as a hero in 1996, and he would do well not to try to push back and get himself put in the crosshairs again. Serving on the Nightingale task force might be helpful, but obviously that’s already changing things, namely getting the number one suspect who is definitely guilty of kidnapping and probably other things to move from his home years earlier. I just worry that we’re going to lose sight of the case in this whole process, too, but I’m willing to give this show at least another chance or two before abandoning it altogether. The police investigations happening in both time periods should prove more engaging, at least, and so I’m optimistic that it could be interesting.

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