Friday, October 14, 2016

Round Two: Westworld

Westworld: Season 1, Episode 2 “Chestnut” (B+)

In episode two, this show has shown that it’s capable of great dramatic storytelling, and that the format of this series, which is highly repetitive in nature, does work. Starting with Jimmi Simpson’s William eagerly entering this magnificent theme park was an interesting way to go, and he’s someone who isn’t at all sadistic or even into the violence, but he’s surrounded by those who enjoy stabbing people in the hand just for the fun of it, which really does seem to be at the least extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to the guests. The Man in Black’s quest is getting more and more disturbing as he seems almost bored by the constant need to kill everyone he possibly can and make his way towards the answer to some big game that he thinks he’s playing. Hearing that he gets to do anything he wants suggests that he’s immensely powerful in the real world, yet he chooses to spend all his time within the park. Maeve waking up while she was being operated on was pretty terrifying, and there’s ample reason to be genuinely concerned about the state of affairs within this imaginary world that’s becoming all too real. It’s also interesting to see Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Ford enter the world to have a conversation with someone he’s created, which makes it seem like those who work on this world may not really have the chance to get out much, and even if they work behind the scenes, may have made this their new reality.

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