Monday, October 31, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 2 “Chapter Forty-Six” (B+)

This was an important episode about moving on for all of our characters, something that’s always much easier said than done. Rafael announcing to Jane that he is finally over her caught her by surprise in a big way, and the immediate aftereffects weren’t too productive for their parenting dynamic. Rafael wanting to think about himself for the first time since he was no longer solely interested in pleasing her wasn’t exactly fair since no one had told him previously that he had to take her feelings into account in such an overarching way, and his nonchalant relaying of that news didn’t help matters at all. That they found a place that was insanely hippy-dippy but helped them to fix the problems that they needed to was nice, and I hope it won’t create too many unnecessary issues going forward. Michael really is acting very angelic, and ending the episode with the long-awaited announcement that Jane is no longer going to be a virgin was truly refreshing and rewarding. Rogelio coming to terms with his American trajectory in the middle of a scene rewriting American history and Emma Lazarus’ famed poem writing was fun, and I like that he and Xiomara have reached a great point in their friendship. I’m glad that Alba forgave Xiomara so quickly and chose to move past their different feelings about her abortion. Anezka sleeping with Scott was initially a simple mistake, but now she’s turning it into an opportunity that could well help her and her mother complete their nefarious plot to take down Rafael.

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