Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I’m Watching: Narcos

Narcos: Season 2, Episode 7 “Deutschland 93” (B+)

Pablo being angry at those who he feels have wronged him is a very dangerous thing. Opening with all of the bombing of the drug stores and the retaliatory acts by Los Pepes indicated an unfortunate cycle of violence that continues to pervade the streets of Colombia, but the transformation that happened at the end of the episode when Pablo’s family returned was far more horrifying. Choosing an anonymous man mourning the devastating loss of his daughter was a very effective representation of the senseless bombing that Pablo had executed so that Gaviria could feel his wrath which makes the major jump from targeted executions and bombings for retribution to the murder of innocents unlucky enough to be in a certain place at the wrong time, not even affiliated with anyone sordid. Judy clashing with her allies is bad news also, and there’s not going to be any winner in this scenario. Steve was very much up for the task to just pick up and fly to Germany, and his close proximity to Escobar’s family makes his continued safety a true concern. Javier calling Messina instead of his Los Pepes contact was a positive step, but it still wasn’t enough to stop Duque and his son from being murdered, with the assistance of the CIA, no less. There’s very little good currently going on in Colombia, and the distrust between Javier and Steve isn’t good for either of them. With just three episodes left this season, I have to hope that things are going to get better soon.

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