Sunday, October 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 3, Episode 2 “Paradox” (B+)

Barry has made some changes that are very problematic and disconcerting, sure, but I’m much more excited by what Barry’s new reality represents. After messing with the timeline in a way that has all other speedsters coming for him, what’s happening here is that everyone who has had powers in some subset of the multiverse is now getting them. Cisco showing up as Vibe to save the day was the first instance, but Caitlin realizing that she’s turning into Killer Frost was a much more unexpected development. Alchemy is a formidable and frightening enemy, and the Rival is just a pawn who isn’t nearly villainous enough to combat our heroes. I am happy to see that Iris and Barry shared a sweet kiss that wasn’t even that dramatic and wasn’t related to any major crisis. The introduction of Tom Felton’s metahuman CSI specialist is an entertaining subplot, and I like that everyone tells Barry that he always says that he hates him. He does seem to be catching on to what’s going on with Barry, and with such a divided front, I don’t think that all of the activities at Star Labs are going to stay secret for long. The real Jay Garrick returning to talk some sense into Barry and give him some not-so-fatherly advice was a nice moment, and I also liked that Barry chose to confide in someone who apparently wasn’t all that changed by the delay in his mother’s death: Felicity, who is always good for some overenergetic positivity.

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