Saturday, October 22, 2016

Take Three: Westworld

Westworld: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Stray” (B+)

I’ve commented already on the vastness of this show’s theme park and the craziness that anything can happen there without its monitors really knowing. That was on display more than ever before when Elsie got herself trapped and at the mercy of a rabid host in the middle of the darkness. We know that the guests can’t be killed, but I have to imagine that having a rock tossed on you doesn’t feel great. Experiencing the park through William’s eyes is truly fascinating, since he got a great thrill from playing the hero and saving the day, but he had no desire to sleep with Clementine despite her generous offer. It’s enormously disquieting to see that a number of the hosts are remembering their past lives, not to mention the murderous milkman who may have been holding grudges and killing those who had killed him in previous storylines. Maeve and Dolores seem to be recalling an awful lot and it’s forcing them to pause and become very disengaged from each scene. The new storyline is considerably darker and more violent, and I appreciate the stirring flashbacks for backstories, like Teddy’s soldier past. Arnold’s story is an important cautionary tale, one that Dr. Ford told knowingly because he realizes that Bernard is experiencing a deeper connection to the hosts than perhaps he should. This show has a lot going on, and I’m eager to see all of that revealed as the show progresses, with Bernard and the loss of his son the first one to be explored in some depth.

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