Monday, October 10, 2016

What I’m Watching: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 2, Episode 4 “If Beth” (B)

The blurred lines between good and evil only continue to get even more fuzzy, and Jane is definitely starting to question her allegiances in a major way. Shepherd getting wind of Roman’s trip to the lake with Jane could have spelled doom for the double agent, but instead Shepherd was inspired to shave even more with Jane about the specific circumstances of her adoption and why it was that the lake held such significance. This show likes to turn the tables and pull the rug out from under its audience on a regular basis, and it did that twice in this episode, first with the reveal that the assassin they were chasing through a museum was actually a CIA agent thrown under the bus by her government and second when her ex-husband was taken out and his teenage daughter picked up a gun and promptly started shooting at the FBI. The notion that a government agent’s history can be completely erased is a frequent plot device in television and movies, and something tells me that it can’t be anywhere near that easy, and that if it could be done, it wouldn’t be readily possible to reverse the process and find the deleted trail. Edgar is out of control and it’s a good thing that Tasha is looking out for him since Nas’ proposed solutions are far less forgiving. Much more worrisome, however, is the revelation that Sandstorm has apparently been watching Kurt for twenty years, which suggests that their endgame and their reach is far bigger than anyone expected.

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