Sunday, October 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 4 “Homecoming” (B-)

This was a bit of a weird episode, featuring a totally unexpected and unexplained crossover with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” That’s a show that I do enjoy watching whenever Emmy season comes around and Andre Braugher has an episode to submit, and while they do both air as part of FOX’s Tuesday night comedy lineup, they’re not actually all that similar. There were some funny moments that came up as part of the crossover, and it was more about the excitement of just seeing them there seeming like they were having fun, particularly Andy Samberg’s goofy Detective Jake Peralta. This trip to New York didn’t have all that much New York content, aside from Jess’ misery at having a rough experience on her last trip to the city and Nick and Winston needing to stall for time in order to get people to give them money for their mystery act in the subway. The notion of their “men of means” extravagance doesn’t make too much sense based on New York City prices, but I guess they do get overly into things sometimes in a way that fails to connect them with the actual realities of life. Jess’ trip to the kosher deli was odd to say the least, but that’s just part of Schmidt’s occasionally-presented Jewishness. Schmidt realizing that everyone at his high school still hates him was unfortunate, and far funnier was Cece’s eagerness not to be stomped on by Schmidt’s mom and her coming to his defense by threatening to beat anyone up who gave her husband any crap.

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