Friday, October 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 7, Episode 2 “Swipe, Fuck, Leave” (B+)

If nothing else, Frank is determined to stand his ground, and he’s creative in the ways that he goes about ensuring that he won’t be evicted from his own home. Sectioning off the upstairs of the house so that all of his children needed to sleep on the couch and the floor was hardly his most fatherly act, but he seems set on forging a relationship with his younger son Liam, who finally spoke a little bit and proved quite useful for perfectly normal child tasks like picking out a prostitute for his father to take home. After realizing that Tate Ellington’s Chad isn’t nearly the bigwig he pretends to be when he comes to survey her restaurant, Fiona is adopting a very self-assured attitude, hiring and firing employees at will and then throwing caution to the wind by engaging in a one-night stand that proved thoroughly therapeutic. The three-way marriage is putting Kev in a position that he’s not entirely suited for, and he seems incredibly excited by his new idea while continuing to shirk the duties that his wives are expecting him to do. Ian having sex with a woman for revenge was entertaining, and I like the brotherly love we’re seeing on this show, with the ambulance ride for an unfortunately aroused Carl was a high point of the episode. Debs’s stroller stealing business is proving to be exceptionally lucrative, but she’s going to find herself at the center of an angry mom and nanny mob soon enough if she keeps up her daily thievery at this rate.

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