Sunday, October 16, 2016

Round Two: No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 2 “No Crying in Baseball” (B-)

I’m trying to give the shows that I think are decent a second shot after reviewing their pilots since just watching the first episode of a series doesn’t necessarily give the full picture. I found this show’s pilot to be intriguing and relatively engaging, and in episode two it’s more of the same. What that means is that Evie is going to find ways to insert adventure and self-confidence into her life with encouragement from Xavier and her work buddies as things continue to be relatively unexciting. Deirdre’s Hanky Panky operation seemed like it was going to be pretty annoying, but it’s not actually as bad as I had expected, with her not so subtly e-mailing Evie for help trying to be social at lunch and then making a selfless, caring purchase of an ergonomic chair to help relieve the stress that she can tell Hank carries. Hank helping Timothy try to get Evie back by turning him into the hipster that they think Xavier is also keeps him occupied with a less irritating mission. As he reveals a few things about his life, like his relationship with his mother, Xavier is coaching Evie through turning herself into a happier person and even helping her father to win his Salesman of the Year position by buying a bunch of things to put him over the top. Jesse was much nicer and more intellectual than he initially seemed, and coming up with the idea to ship him via her company that she knows so much about was a clever intersection of plotlines. This show is fun enough, but I don’t feel like I need to stick with it.

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