Sunday, October 23, 2016

Take Three: Timeless

Timeless: Season 1, Episode 3 “Atomic City” (B)

This was the first episode to reference an event that isn’t historically significant on its own, and while I don’t know that it was too problematic, it definitely wasn’t as engaging as the excitement of the Hindenburg or Lincoln’s assassination. I do like that this show continues to feature very interesting people who are extremely compelling, serving as strong representatives of their times. Judith Campbell had quite the personality, and she was more than a match for both Lucy intellectually and Wyatt operationally, giving him a hard time for threatening to tie her up and then double-crossing them all in service of protecting herself rather than her bedmate the president. I like the banter between Lucy and Wyatt, with him assigning saving history as her job and telling her that he can’t be worried about knocking over sideshakers. Trying to emulate one of the best time travel movies ever, “Back to the Future II,” and sending a telegram to his wife fifty years in the future was sweet, but it seems like it wasn’t enough to create such a monumental change for Wyatt. Lucy telling her mysterious fiancé that she needs space from him went over pretty well, and who knows whether he’ll be a regular fixture in the present she returns to. Rufus running into Anthony, played by Matt Frewer, better known as Dr. Leekie on “Orphan Black,” in 1962 confirmed that he wasn’t the victim but instead a somewhat willing participant in Flynn’s latest diabolical plan that involves a worrisome amount of plutonium.

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