Sunday, October 30, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 7, Episode 4 “I Am a Storm” (B+)

It’s rare that we get to see all the Gallaghers together in one place outside the home, and even though Debs and Father Frank were missing, the bootleg party at the diner was really something. I’m concerned about the illicit serving of alcohol without a liquor license since that could get her into trouble later, but otherwise Fiona is fully on point trying to make something of her life and turn an enormous profit at a dump considered immediately dismissible by those with true influence. Lip’s senior intern promotion didn’t last long, and his chance to be a whistleblower passed him by too. Confronting his mentor about the kind of place he worked was an important reality check, and it’s hard to know just what Lip will make of his life. Ian is being introduced to a whole new world that I think he’s going to like a lot, and after getting past some unintentionally offensive statements, he’s already fitting right in. Debs trying to find a life partner is hardly the permanent solution she needs, and she’d probably be better off finding volunteer childcare, possibly from a new Russian neighbor, so that she can go on job interviews without having her daughter dropped on her lap. I love that Carl has gone from a horny teenager to a committed military cadet-wannabe who is going to the shooting range with his new father figure who just happens to be Dom’s father. Kev and Veronica went a little far in their panic when their children went missing, but Svetlana is way too casual about her father spending time with the kids and doing whatever he wants. It appears that the happy couple is more interested in sexual roleplay with their new wife than actually maintaining friendships with the likes of their lifelong neighbor. The episode’s closing shot of everyone in the bar throwing food at the TV with Frank playing the martyr was entertaining, and I’m eager to see how that plays out.

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