Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Take Three: Pitch

Pitch: Season 1, Episode 3 “Beanball” (B)

As this show is continuing, I think it’s leveling out to a decent point where each episode is going to fill in a major blank from Ginny’s past while creating some relevant drama in the present to tie it all together. I think that formula should work out alright, even if it may not be the most stirring presentation. When that token theme song kicks in, however, this show really comes alive, and it’s easy to get attached to the excitement. The flashbacks to Ginny’s relationship with another baseball player showed a much softer, more vulnerable side of her than we’re used to, and that sure faded by the time she started baiting and then hitting a member of the other team when she felt she was being treated too gently because of her gender. The news that there may be scandalous photos of her out there is unfortunate, but I trust that she’ll be able to power through it. She scored her first invitation to the post-game celebration with the team, so there’s something. The big winner of this episode was Al, who, following a warning from Buck, got himself thrown out of the game before it even started and made a compelling pitch to Wendie Malick’s Maxine Armstrong to keep his job and go out on his own terms. There was plenty of other stuff going on, namely Oscar having Ginny meet his daughter before telling her of his impending divorce and the introduction of Kelly Jenrette, who recently starred as Annelise on “Grandfathered,” in a very similar role as Oscar’s right-hand woman and the general keeper of sanity and structure behind the scenes.

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