Saturday, October 22, 2016

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 4, Episode 6 “Family Only” (B+)

This episode was all about the relationships we think we know between established couples and how they’re not actually anything like they used to be. Virginia showing up to drink and celebrate with Bill indicated her willingness to restart what they had, and he seems ready to come up with any excuse not to be around her. She has it out for Nancy, and forcing Art to tell her that they didn’t have sex didn’t have the effect she hoped it would at all, but that’s mainly because Art realizes that Nancy is into him having sex with other women even if he’s really not. Nancy and Art are actually doing great things in their new roles even if they’re not getting the recognition they deserve. Bob is playing a much bigger part in the show than I expected, and he truly does have a split personality right now, going from casual and in control to a complete drunk mess. I’m proud of Libby for not letting Keller out of their date by going with him to a nudist colony, and for realizing the liberty she needed and getting rewarded with some very passionate naked chemistry with a man who may be right for her. It was good to see Barton again, but his return was marred by a devastating tragedy. Helen’s C-section went fine, but its aftermath was heartbreaking, with Betty permitted to enter the room only to have to say goodbye to her love and then see her baby taken away by Helen’s parents.

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