Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Easy

Easy: Season 1, Episode 4 “Contolada” (C+)

After a disappointing third episode that wasn’t focused enough on a romantic relationship, I had hoped that this episode would return to a format closer to that of the first two installments. Instead, we got a sudden infusion of Spanish that didn’t actually serve to enhance the episode at all, and instead just spotlighted a third wheel as he showed up to wreak havoc on the lives of his two friends. At first, it seemed like it was a positive thing for Martin to show up and infuse some energy and excitement into the rather standard and unspectacular days and nights of Gabi and Bernie. What wasn’t as obvious from the start, which is what connected this show back to its relationship roots, was that Gabi had a past with Martin, one that he was all too eager to relive, making multiple moves and even pushing Gabi up against the glass window for all those outside to see when they started being passionate with each other one night. Since the content itself wasn’t particularly engaging and I’m not familiar with any of the three performers featured, I have to look at it in how it portrays romance, love, and sex, and how they intertwine. In this installment, it was clear that Gabi wasn’t into the normalcy that they had achieved and that her attraction towards Martin, which wasn’t necessarily all that present and was more about just tolerating him while Bernie didn’t, provided some excitement. Compared to previous efforts, this one was hardly noteworthy.

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