Sunday, October 9, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 3 “Single and Sufficient” (B+)

In construction, this was a silly episode, but it actually worked pretty well and provided some funny moments. Jess thoughtlessly inviting four single friends to Schmidt and Cece’s glamping couples’ weekend was far from her best move, and that was bound to create problems. As usual, it presented the opportunity to watch Jess’ latest soapbox disappear from under her as she constantly tried to reinforce the notion that anyone is stronger individually, a concept that clearly doesn’t hold up under even the most minimal examination. We haven’t seen Robby in a while, and it’s interesting to see him reintroduced as a potential love interest for Jess who, for now, is more than satisfied to smile while sharing a boring tidbit with the woman who decided to work alone at the same table as him. I think he’ll serve as a more than sufficient remnant of this singles’ group. Schmidt being the normal one is rare, and I enjoyed his frustration at Jess’ repeated illogical examples cited with her interlaced fingers. Winston and Aly really were all over each other, and while it was highly predictable that they would tire each other out long before getting to their benchmark time, they both made it the run-up to it well worth it with their excessive antics and competitive efforts to be the one to last the longest because they thought the other was incredibly into it. Nick’s “no notes” fiasco was entertaining, and his work seems peculiar to say the least.

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