Monday, October 31, 2016

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 3 “Welcome to Earth” (B+)

It seems that this is the season of aliens, having most past Kryptonian foes and on to complex subjects like alien rights. Kara’s excitement to meet the President was entertaining, and the casting of Lynda Carter in the role really is perfect since it’s a nice nod to her “Wonder Woman” history and just the latest instance of bringing revered DC universe stars from the past back in a fun parts decades after they wore the costumes of the superheroes. Hank’s response to Kara’s question about getting a blowout was the best part, and having a country leader who wants to grant uniform rights to all aliens is a real asset. The revelation that she’s actually an alien is a bit much, but I suppose it couldn’t have been that simple that a human would want to embrace alien life so fully. The introduction of this alien bar is cool, and Maggie seems like she’s going to prove to be a formidable addition to the show, especially in terms of awakening some energy from Alex. Hank going into the bar as J’onn at the end of the episode seemed like it was going to grant him some much-needed peace, and instead it didn’t even take one minute for him to freak out the bartender who just happens to also be a Martian. Snapper is pretty irritating, and it was nice to see James take him down a peg by rewriting his article and showing him that he can’t walk all over him.

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