Sunday, October 23, 2016

Take Three: The Bureau

The Bureau: Season 1, Episode 3 (B-)

This third episode took things in a new direction by filling in more information about Nadia and what she’s up to and showing how the Bureau treats those who have been loyal for years but may have been swayed by foreign influences. Malotru played a much more supporting role in this hour than he has up to this point, and his intense interrogation of Nadia at the end of the episode may have been meant to help give him intel about what she’s really up to, but instead it just provoked her. She held up very well under his questioning and didn’t give anything away, but then as soon as she returned home, she revealed his name, which, while a cover, is still going to put him in the crosshairs in a very dangerous way. Though she’s far from emotive, Marina seems to be doing well in her new cover, barely reacting to the invitation to prepare a lengthy presentation on a subject she knew absolutely nothing about and then learning twenty-five pages worth of information in five hours so that she knew what she was talking about, only to find that she wasn’t the only one given that assignment. Gherbi was tested in a major way, and he was clearly more than prepared for interrogation, ready to spin a made-up story just to get out of being hit and then pretty damn angry that his own agency rewarded his hard work and his return home. This show is definitely intriguing, but for now I think I’ll move on to the plentiful American fare currently airing.

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