Sunday, December 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 3, Episode 5 “We Didn't Think This Through” (B+)

I was glad to see so much truth-telling in this episode, even if much of it comes a bit late in the game. Michelle apologizing because she had in fact heard Judy tell her about her cancer when she pretended to be asleep was an important step for them to move forward, and it was good that Judy got to tell Jen before her Sonoma lie caught up with her. Jen was being pretty horrible to Judy about her leaving, and she completely changed her attitude as soon as she knew the truth and was determined to be there in every way possible for her best friend. After getting caught by Charlie as he was about to draw himself a bath, Ben was also quite eager to spill the beans to Judy after Jen filled her in, though, after helping with the pipes, he found himself in a very low place where he smartly turned to Nick for help. Unfortunately, that interaction also involved Nick finding out that Judy was the one who made the bird, a revelation he seemed pleased to discover since he has his own theories that he’ll likely investigate. Going back to the support group that started out this show was an interesting callback, and it seemed helpful for Judy to process her fate with someone who still had lingering questions about her husband’s suicide. This show knows how to shift sharply from comedy like Charlie making fun of his mother to much more serious issues like impending death and the trauma that comes from seeing and being involved in someone else’s death.

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