Sunday, December 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 6 “We're Gonna Beat This Thing” (B+)

This episode felt like it covered a lot of time, starting with Judy preparing for her chemo and learning about the cold cap she can wear so she won’t lose her hair and seeing how difficult it was for Jen to be by her side while she kept flashing back to memories of her mother. Judy’s chemo nurse dying of a heart attack as Judy was nearing the completion of her treatment was an unfortunate morale setback, and Jen acted fairly out of character by eating a large handful of gummies in an effort to cheer Jen up. Watching them laugh about telling the secret of having killed Steve and then going on about onomatopoeia since a mom “moms” was entertaining, and then Jen freaked out in a big way when she looked at herself in the mirror. I enjoyed her telling Charlie that he was driving like an octopus and the doctor refusing to believe that Jen wasn’t on drugs, but the biggest reveal of that hospital trip was that Jen is apparently pregnant. That’s not something she was planning on and will forever link her to Steve’s murder, and it’s hard to know how she’s going to deal with that startling information. Perez is still looking out for her but Nick, who has lots of theories and loves asking his unamused colleague to guess, is getting closer to Judy and by association Jen as the culprit. Henry was kind in wishing that Judy would be okay, but her beating cancer doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll escape legal justice for what she’s done.

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