Monday, December 5, 2011

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice

Burn Notice: Season 5, Episode 16 “Depth Perception” (B+)

Despite the fact that Michael has had his strings pulled by an agent from some shadowy agency of some sort since the beginning of the show, I feel like none of them have had nearly as much access to the way that he works as Anson did in this hour. It was so interesting to see how he observed and commented on Michael’s actions and choices in the field, pointing out such things as the fate of the receptionist whose career would likely be over after he talked her into letting him into the building. Telling Michael that he killed his father and that he was welcome definitely stirred up something negative in Michael, and I suspect that Michael won’t actually be done by the end of the month, though the fact that the season finale is a mere two episodes away indicates that perhaps his arc is close to coming to an end. Sam’s strong desire to help his friend Bea was sweet, and he’s definitely as good a friend as Michael to have in a pinch, capable of remaining cool in a troubling situation, even if his facial expressions and tone of voice aren’t nearly as serene or calm. Fiona and Jesse’s trip to the Cayman Islands where they managed to intimidate George and ruin his life was entertaining, and the most amusing part was when Jesse debated whether to call the drug dealers or the terrorists first to tell them that George is less than discreet about the identity of his clients.

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