Friday, December 9, 2011

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 3, Episode 8 “Hold On to Sixteen” (C+)

There’s something about this Sectionals competition that feels extremely rushed and put together at the last moment. While it’s enjoyable to see Sam’s Trouty Mouth again, bringing him back from across state lines feels like a stunt, and more one the show would pull than just one the New Directions would. His return exposes some deeper problems with the show, such as how Mercedes’ promotion to the top spot in a new group has meant that she’s barely on the show, and that the glee club really isn’t together at all. It was good to see Blaine stand up to Finn, but everyone seems to make peace awfully quickly. That’s especially true of Rachel and Quinn, who are sharing secrets now and encouraging each other, and somehow Shelby managed to convince Quinn that what she did with Puck wasn’t exactly wrong, and that it’s more about making the most of your high school years. I’m glad to see Mike’s father realize, thanks to Tina, that dancing is Mike’s passion, going so far as to encourage him to apply to whatever dancing school he’d like, but that plotline was ruined for me when Tina said that she had already sent in applications to schools on his behalf. That’s a bit too much to believe, and the show could have done without it. There’s nothing like a Sectionals finish without a hokey and mostly unprompted reunion between the two groups as they make peace and move on to whatever the next big competition or social hurdle may be.

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