Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 8, Episode 9 “Putting It Together” (C+)

Things seem to be falling apart awfully fast for all of the housewives all at once. I will say that Chuck’s spiteful interrogation technique continue to be the best part of the show, and I think that Jonathan Cake is doing an excellent job of playing the role. I’m glad that his character wasn’t ruined when Bree broke up with him, and if anything, he only got more interesting. Renee’s suspicions about Ben cheating on her with Bree are silly, and she would do well to forget them since they’re only going to cause unnecessary trouble. Susan’s desire to move to New York City is an extraordinary pipe dream, and I think that Mike is probably going to work harder than Chuck to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Lynette following Tom to the airport to tell him that he shouldn’t go to Paris seems highly needy and extreme, and there’s no way that his newfound relationship is going to work after this. Gabrielle posing as a Manzini family member to get into rehab was rather dumb, and now it seems that Carlos has gone missing, which can’t possibly be productive. Chuck getting hit by a car was awfully reminiscent of Mike getting hit by Orson several years ago, and my money is on Carlos, though it could just as well be Ben, Mike, or even Bree. I can’t imagine that Bree’s actually going to kill herself, but the sight of Mary Alice was, for lack of a better word, sobering. That’s a low point to which the eternal hostess hasn’t previously descended, and it’s going to be awfully hard to climb back up.

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