Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 10 “18 Miles Out” (B+)

Things have got to be getting grim when even Rick is thinking about killing innocent people for the sake of his family and his camp. I’m always a fan of open, honest conversations, and Rick telling Shane that he knows both about the affair and the way Otis died was almost as impressive as Shane not even trying to deny it. Their fight was rather intense, and this show does an excellent job of drawing out the terror in moments like the realization that the smashing of the glass has awakened and unleashed a legion of Walkers from within the police station. Rick’s firm words of caution to Shane that it’s his family and he’ll need to follow his lead and trust him if he’s going to be with him were resounding and powerful, and I have a feeling that Shane may fall back into line now that they’ve put everything on the table. I didn’t think that Rick was going to come back for Shane, which would have been an immense character transformation. Randall did himself a disservice by saying that he went to school with Maggie, since he could have fended for himself and now finds himself back in the trunk of the truck awaiting possible execution. Things aren’t much better back at the farm, where Hershel’s absence leads to Maggie and Lori holding down the fort. Speaking of honesty, Andrea really let Lori have it for walking around thinking she can have everything, and Lori wasn’t too kind back to her. Encouraging Beth to commit suicide, however, crosses a line, and something tells me that tensions are going to explode over the course of the remaining three episodes of this season.

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