Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I’m Watching: Eastbound & Down

Eastbound & Down: Season 3, Episode 2 “Chapter 15” (B+)

This show is so magnificently depraved that I’m not sure I can think of anything on the air quite as brilliantly inappropriate and potentially offensive. Kenny carrying Toby around in his backpack, seated next to a piece of lettuce, was probably the most hilarious part of this episode, though putting Toby in a basket in the water like Moses came close. While I’m worried for Toby’s safety and well-being, Kenny’s track around town to find the people that might know where April is was definitely worth all of the movement for the little toddler. I’m glad to see that Andrew Daly’s Principal Cutler has maintained his sunny demeanor while realizing that both Kenny and April are horrible people. Dustin has grown some confidence as well, refusing to raise Toby as his own with Cassie, who feels strongly about Kenny but usually isn’t as harsh to him as she could be. Stevie is just as pathetic and pitiable as ever, and he’s found a new abusive overlord in Ashley Schaeffer, Will Ferrell’s heavily over-the-top white-haired dealership owner. Things devolved considerably back at Ashley’s compound when Kenny took Ashley’s maid at swordpoint and then Ashley fired a cannon at one of his lackeys, but this show manages to stay grounded even in the most preposterous of situations. Kenny, as usual, was perfectly blunt and honest with Stevie, explaining that he didn’t actually care for him but needed him to help raise Stevie. I do hope April will be back soon, but Kenny is sure to do much to mess him up before that happens.

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