Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 8, Episode 16 “You Take for Granted” (C+)

Whenever an episode pulls the “someone will be dead by the end” card, there are bound to be plenty of false positives that turn out to be nothing but a distraction from what’s actually about to happen. Karen’s suicide attempts, Bree’s pie ingestion, Juanita’s rooftop climb, and Jane’s choking spell were all fake-outs designed to throw viewers off from the fact that, without much warning at all, a character that has been part of the show since its very beginning would be breathing his last. Throughout this hour, Mike was actually able to express himself, and he and Susan got to a good place because of how protective he is. In untraditional fashion, the show paid immense tribute to him with a decently heartbreaking and dramatic montage in the slowed-down moment before he got hit with a fatal bullet. In many ways, Mike hasn’t been a truly compelling character since year one, but I suspect that his death will resonate with everyone on Wisteria Lane, and Ben’s construction site hasn’t even been dug up yet. Carlos’ change of heart and desire to start a new lifestyle won’t be easy, but I presume that he and Gaby will be able to find some happy medium between living to excess and living without earthly possessions. It seems that Jane’s role in Tom’s life won’t be so temporary, and Lynette almost not saving her when she was choking won’t help matters. We’re nearing the end at this point, so sooner or later, people are going to have to start settling down and figuring out just what it is that will make them the happiest.

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