Friday, March 9, 2012

What I’m Watching: Smash

Smash: Season 1, Episode 5 “Let’s Be Bad” (C)

This show has some fundamental problems in its structure that prohibit its twists from being anything but expected. Katherine has been featured more than Ivy as a character, and therefore it’s obvious that she’s going to have a larger part in the show than just as a member of the chorus. No matter how despicable he may be as a person, there’s still something wrong and tasteless about having the actress that didn’t get the lead part stand up in the middle of rehearsal and show the star how to do it. Karen’s innocent demeanor doesn’t exactly help matters, as Ivy is as furious as she could be. Dev forcing Karen to accompany him to the major dinner hardly seems in line with his kindly nature, and making her sit at another table wasn’t terribly polite, even if she did manage to get the dirt on his number one competition. I’m not sure why Julia’s son Leo is being featured so prominently, although I suppose it’s a good excuse both to get Tom’s love life rolling, since the bad sex isn’t going to cut it but impressive lawyering might just do the trick. Michael coming over and kissing Julia while her son watches from the window is going to have negative implications, especially since Ellis also knows of their (former) indiscretion. It was somewhat jarring to see the company transform into a full-fledged production during rehearsal, mimicking how overwhelmed Ivy was by showing Marilyn’s less-than-sober entrance into a number. If nothing else, this show does know how to stage a spectacle.

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