Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I'm Watching: Psych

Psych: Season 6, Episode 12 “Shawn and the Real Girl” (B-)

This show is overdoing it a bit with all of the parodies. Shawn and Gus have had their share of wild adventures posing as various people, and this reality show was hardly the most memorable of them. I liked Greg Grunberg on “Alias,” but I find that everything else in which he appears, he ends up being immensely unlikeable and doesn’t come off as a terribly competent actor. Lindsay Sloane was far more equipped for her role as the bachelorette, and I loved seeing her here after her arc on “Californication” this past season. Wayne Brady’s guest appearance as the host was devoid of much energy or humor, which is a shame considering he used to be one of the standout comedians on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” If this show is insistent on skewering nearly every genre, it should do a better job. I think that jokes about NBC not having any good programming have become tired, especially when the program in question airs on an affiliate of NBC. As I’ve stated before, I’d prefer a much more substantial role for Juliet, who here was relegated to delivering two well-intonated threats to Shawn: “Kiss her and you die” and “Off the show, now!” I did smile at Shawn’s claim that he graduated from Bob Hoskins Medical School, and his inability to help Danny because he specialized in other things as a doctor. The final shot of him telling Juliet that it’s nice that she’s in his life while she was waving at the new contestant was a great way to close an otherwise unremarkable episode.

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