Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 3, Episode 8 “Watching the Detectives” (B+)

While it’s true that, by and large, most of the criminals in Kentucky on this show are impossibly dumb and end up getting themselves caught through their own sheer stupidity, there are also a few very clever masterminds that should cause Raylan to worry. While Boyd and Limehouse are both cunning, it’s Quarles who is aggressively targeting Raylan, attempting to do him harm and get him convicted on corruption charges. Sammy’s overt mention of Raylan’s alleged allegiances, coupled with poor Gary’s body being left on Winona’s doorstep, make for a strong case against Raylan, and one that Agent Barkley is determined to make stick. Accusing Art of being corrupt too didn’t exactly help his case, and it’s good that Raylan has managed to, in all unlikelihood, make friends in the building so that he could make his escape to get rid of the incriminating evidence Quarles had planted in his car. Listening to Quarles and Duffy spin their stories was frightening since, unlike all the other enemies Raylan has to face off against, they’re extremely coordinated. Quarles is clearly furious about how things have played out, and let’s hope that his new best friend Limehouse has more sense than to try to take down Raylan. Tanner has gotten himself in way over his head, and if Napier was willing to plant a bomb on his own car, things are getting ugly quickly. It looks like Winona is gone for good now, telling Raylan not to come find her this time, which means he’ll surely continue his downward spiral as well.

Fortunately, this show just received an enormously deserved fourth season renewal! Long live Harlan!

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