Friday, March 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: Smash

Smash: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Cost of Art” (C+)

This show is definitely coming around to presenting a coherent, occasionally compelling narrative, mainly based on which characters hate each other the most. Ivy is immensely unlikeable, but Karen gets a chance to show that she can be a bit of a brat too as she manages to get herself kicked out of a number because she isn’t capable of offering support and still acts as if she’s the lead. Her intervention wasn’t all that interesting, and I can’t imagine that the show is keeping her around for any reason other than to step to replace Ivy at some pivotal juncture when she’s no longer right for the role. Julia seemed shocked to meet Ellis’ girlfriend, and I can tell that Ellis’ growing loathing for Julia is going to result in her getting hurt soon. Tom still seems oblivious to everything, enjoying his date and then going to the party he was offended not to have been invited to since he’s the one that discovered Lyle. Having no familiarity with the Jonas brothers, I wasn’t all too impressed with Nick Jonas’ appearance as Lyle, mainly because he wasn’t a terribly interesting character. Eileen trying to sell him a painting was among the show’s less credible moments, and I think she just confused him more than anything else. Derek deserves some credit for being so brutally (half-)honest with Ivy about flirting with other women, and she deserves equal credit for being the most gullible person alive, completely oblivious to the way show business works.

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