Friday, March 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 18 “Fancyman, Part 2” (B+)

This installment wasn’t really a continuation of last week’s episode, but it was just as entertaining. Russell’s unexplained pat on the back definitely sent Jess reeling, and that whole romance is turning out to be quite amusing. It was nice that Nick, in his drunken stupor and in the midst of his desperate desire to vomit, was able to assure him that the Jess he was seeing wasn’t the real Jess, and that she’s one of the good ones. Martin Starr’s poet Dirk was a good guest star, mainly for the way in which he managed to corrupt Nick and Jess for the evening. Nick’s reaction to the college girl’s response to his career choice was priceless, and it’s always fun to see Nick taken aback by the stupidity of other people. Winston’s clinginess was a bit worrisome, and driving over two hours to Mexico was definitely a potential sign of craziness. Fortunately, he just happened to take Schmidt’s car while he was in the back having sex with Cece as a result of her extreme efforts to get him to stop working. The sexcretary (initially autocorrected to secretary, by the way) reference was quite hilarious, and Cece’s outfit equally lamentable. Now that Winston knows about Cece and Schmidt’s romance, things are sure to change a bit around the apartment. Winston’s observation that the world has now turned upside down indicates that he may not be able to process this information terribly smoothly and might be inclined to cause problems for the semi-couple.

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