Monday, March 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation: Season 4, Episode 18 “Lucky” (B+)

Leslie’s campaign is proving to be a very productive element of the show, and I’m enjoying its incorporation into the storyline on a regular basis. Sean Hayes’ Buddy Wood is just the latest in a long line of hateful Indianans intent on bashing Pawnee and the miserable state of affairs within its borders, and as we know, Leslie doesn’t take kindly to such insults about her hometown. Getting drunk beforehand with newfound bad influence Ann and her occasional boyfriend Tom didn’t help matters, and it’s therefore good that the airport employees like Leslie enough to lose Buddy’s luggage so that he wouldn’t be able to use the footage. Tom’s hot tub limo rental time was convenient, even if it wasn’t all that useful in the end. I enjoyed seeing how excited he got about the fact that he and Ann made it to a certain unimpressive point in their relationship, and it was fabulous that he ruined it by celebrating their forty-eight-hour anniversary by giving her forty-eight different flavored condoms. It was obvious that Jerry’s working bee routine would reveal an unfortunate error, but that’s what funniest about Jerry, that he’s such a mess, even, and especially, when he puts in his best effort. Andy’s passing of his class resulted in a humorous dinner with Professor Linda flirting with both Chris and Ron, and it was nice that April convinced Ron to tell Chris that he really shouldn’t be holding out hope for the woman he had already taken to bed.

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