Sunday, March 25, 2012

Round Two: Missing

Missing: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Hard Drive” (C+)

There’s a point at which things can simply be too literal. While it’s hard to argue that Hard Drive isn’t a decently cool character, having him be named and referred to as such is a bit silly. Becca addressing him as Hard Drive was a sigh-producing moment, and I feel like this show is going to be full of those. At least Hard Drive had a personality, and Becca seems to be an extremely loyal friend. Her commitment to keeping his family safe makes up for her steely exterior, and I’d imagine that those she takes care of take care of her as well. I was pleased to see Joaquim de Almeida as corrupt French policeman Antoine Lussier, consistently excellent as a bad guy on American television shows since his time as Ramon Salazar on “24.” Becca has an interesting rapport with all of these male law enforcement officials and agents, and that’s part of what makes the show work somewhat well. Her relationship with Dax is sure to be rocky, since he appears to have a hard enough time of keeping his own family in order, and now he has conflicted feelings about whether or not to bring Becca in and shut down her search. It seemed way too early for Becca to come face-to-face with a hooded Michael midway through the episode, but that obvious trick gave way to the devastating image of her running down the tarmac as he was loaded onto a plane and flown out of the country. They were so close, and now it’s going to be near impossible for her to find him.

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