Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 3, Episode 9 “Loose Ends” (B+)

It’s always nice to have a character that has fallen out of the limelight come back in a big way. After playing a major role in Raylan’s life in season one, Ava has been relegated to being Shane’s number two, a part that gives her strong scenes far too intermittently. In this hour, she managed to assert herself in a way that was even more forceful than her first appearance in the pilot and her most recent display of force with a frying pan. Calling Delroy and escorting Ellen May to certain death was intense, but nothing could match shooting Delroy with a shotgun to permanently resolve the problem of this particularly bully. Tanner’s fate wasn’t much better than Delroy’s, left for dead by Errol and victim to a well-placed mine. Raylan is starting to put the pieces together, and he’s not above some clever trickery, namely having a random guy impersonate an officer of the law, and going to talk to Limehouse at the end of the episode shows that he’s tired of all this violence and knows just how Quarles’ plans and continued existence will negatively impact things. Though Raylan’s arguments fell on deaf ears with Limehouse, Quarles should be worried, since Boyd managed to deliver a rousing, inciting speech to rival that made by Mags last season against Carol Johnson that is likely to be the nail in incumbent Sheriff Napier’s political coffin. It’s not going to be a clean battle, however, and many are likely to get hurt before the dust settles.

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