Monday, March 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Finder

The Finder: Season 1, Episode 7 “Eye of the Storm” (B+)

It turns out that even a hurricane can’t stop Walter from finding someone he starts looking. Some over-exaggerated stumbling aside, this was a rather compelling episode in which Walter used quite a bit of creativity to solve his latest case thanks to his human search engine team. Having Cristina, Willa’s probation officer, get stranded at the Ends of the Earth during the storm made things all the more entertaining, particularly because she revealed an awful lot about herself and her temper-driven past. While she’ll now let Willa use the Internet and Willa recommended Cristina as a probation officer, I’m sure the two won’t get along forever, and that should still remain an amusing component of the show. Leo’s expertise in fast food establishments proved quite useful, and while it was certainly a ragtag band of people with various unexpected skills, they made for a great team. It’s uncanny how well Isabel and Walter communicate remotely, and I would enjoy seeing them face-to-face more often. Isabel carried herself well opposite the rather intimidating and generally creepy M.C. Gainey, here playing the plumber with an unexpected connection to Melissa, the missing girl. I like how this episode only revealed what situation Melissa had gotten herself into as soon as Walter figured it out, and it was actually quite an immediate cut from him piecing it together to the shot of her in a car with her bleeding friend. This show is much more about the search than what actually happened. I’m very worried about this show’s chances for renewal, though at least we still have six episodes to look forward to once the show returns on Friday nights on April 6th.

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