Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 6, Episode 11 “Standards and Practices” (B+)

This episode actually made a whole lot of sense, which is rare for this occasionally very funny show. Kenneth is taking on a much bigger role now that he’s working in Standards and Practices, and without an enemy in his own department, he’s free to focus on just how much he wants to try to edit out of TGS’ live broadcast. Tracy’s double-fasting for his colonoscopy conveniently provided the opportunity for him to get confused and unintentionally deliver a hateful and offensive standup routine, prompting Kenneth to pull off a legendary bleep-session that’s sure to earn him much esteem. Liz did a superb job of perking the bizarre former page up by posing as Kenneth Toilethole, the best improvised name she could come up with, and then having a blast confounding him at a restaurant by constantly switching between her two personalities. Jenna’s many children possess just the qualities one might expect from her offspring, and it’s hardly surprising that she would be cast out of the group for a vain reason such as her old age. Jack’s latest showdown with Kaylie Hooper was even more memorable than the first, as he managed to get outfoxed by her when she tricked him into thinking that she needed him and didn’t want to get expelled. As usual, she played him remarkably well, and his excitement at thinking he’s found a way to outsmart her is almost as entertaining as his disappointment and horror when he realizes that he’s done exactly what she wanted him to do all along.

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