Monday, March 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 8, Episode 18 “Last Day in Florida” (B+)

This trip to Florida was a detour that provided some laughs, but ultimately it’s much more about how the characters come back than what they accomplished while they were away. Andy’s opening speech about Dwight no longer being with them and having had a stroke…of good fortune was fun, and Creed’s near-death experience with a poisoned dart was intense and peculiar, as tends to be Dwight’s nature. The golf game played by Nellie, Dwight, Jim, and Robert revealed an unfortunate truth, that Robert was planning to tank the Sabre store to the board, prompting Jim to do his best to save Dwight’s job, which was hardly an easy task. Their physical fight may have been over-the-top, but getting Todd sacked instead worked out well, and now Dwight will be forever indebted to his eternal nemesis. I’m curious how that will affect things once they spend some real time back at the office in Scranton. Erin’s new job as a caretaker for her elderly friend Irene from the store launch is both entertaining and horrifying, particularly due to her usage of boiled Gatorade as tea. Her Skype session with Andy was endearing, and it would be great for both of them if they got back together. Toby and Darryl’s competing Girl Scout cookie sales strategies were quite fun, and catering to Kevin’s every need was never going to end well. Kevin’s rap about cookies was a high point of the hour, and I do love it when the characters showcase their surprising talents.

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