Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 3, Episode 17 “Long Way Home” (B+)

I’m so glad that this show knows full well which guest stars to bring back for return appearances, and Emmy-nominated Dylan Baker, who was back in another episode earlier this season, is the perfect choice. Colin Sweeney is such a slimy character, and it’s fascinating to see his lawyers fight so hard to ethically cross-examine him in a way that won’t force them to go against their legal responsibilities. Their subtle handlings of his perjury were amusing, as was Kate Burton’s similar action when Morena Baccarin’s baby mama purposely stated something untrue when she wasn’t even asked to do so. Will’s legal tiptoeing was entertaining as well, and Caitlin did do an impressive job of asking him questions in front of Lionel Deerfield. The news that Caitlin is pregnant and getting married feels random, and I suspect that she’ll be back to cause Alicia some grief after the stern speech Alicia gave her about not betraying her mentor. When Kalinda warns you about someone, it’s best to heed that advice. The route to Alicia’s return to her home is sure to be paved with difficulties, and I like how Eli perked up at the sound of Alicia and Peter getting along. The scandal on the couch in Peter’s office was mostly humorous, but Geneva’s prodding of Cary resulted in a much more dramatic confession by the formerly cutthroat Cary. His character has truly come a long way, and seeing him so upset over the lack of consequences given to him by Peter demonstrates that he has changed and is now one of the show’s most intriguing characters.

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