Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Luck

Luck: Season 1, Episode 7 (B+)

This show has definitely achieved that HBO feel, in which an hour feels like an eternity (in a good way) and much more like a mini-movie than just a mere installment of a weekly series. Gus having the webcam put into the stables so that Ace could keep an eye on the horse sure irked Escalante, but there’s nothing quite like the look on Ace’s face as he watched the live stream of the horse as he was about to go to bed. He sure seemed much spryer throughout the hour, and not just in his time with Claire checking out his investment. Lonnie’s dream went from soaring to shattered as he bet on his own horse who promptly got injured mid-run and was told would never run again. Jerry’s having much better luck making it to the World Series of Poker, so long as his new female friend that he beat out doesn’t distract him too much. Jo’s befriending of Eduardo seems to have benefited her relationship with Escalante, however unexpectedly, as he appears to be mildly receptive to the notion of her being pregnant. Rosie going to Joey for help on where she stands with the old man was bold, and I’m hopeful that Kerry Condon will stick around. The old man’s other option appears to be regressing, so he won’t likely be in that position for long. Nathan performed superbly in his business meeting despite some nervousness, but quoting Ace’s “answers a question with a question” trademark looks to have gotten him killed, something which Ace is not likely to let go without exacting some revenge.

Shocking update: after reports of a third horse being injured and having to be euthanized during filming, HBO has pulled the plug on this show and will no longer be filming new episodes! More on that in the review of next week's episode.

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