Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 2, Episode 9 “Hurricane Monica” (B+)

There’s something eerily calming about having Monica around and seeing just how well she’s able to peg her children’s interests. Most of it is highly disturbing, of course, particularly given the fact that she and Frank don’t stop having sex when their daughter walks in and that she wears her slutty cheerleader outfit around her kids, but that’s nothing new for the Gallagher family. Unlike last time Monica appeared, Bob doesn’t seem bent out of shape by her departure, and instead seems almost pleased to be rid of her. It’s about time that Jody and Sheila got it on, mainly as revenge from both parties to their respective partners that abandoned and cheated on them. It’s a far more productive use of their time than trying to speak to Eddie’s spirit (actually Frank sneaking into the house via ladder) and planning to open a hospice, often pronounced ho-spice. Lip’s search for a place to stay was pretty bleak, as both Karen and Kevin kicked him out. Staying with Steve makes sense, though I think he’ll get everyone into trouble once he inevitably sleeps with Estefania. Monica taking Ian to a gay club was fun, and it looked like he might just be happy until Mickey’s dad burst in and starting beating up on him, though ironically not for sleeping with his son but instead for impregnating his daughter, something we know to be impossible. In other news, I enjoyed seeing Kevin’s reaction to the news that circle doesn’t start with an S.

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