Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: Mad Men (Season Premiere)

Mad Men: Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2 “A Little Kiss” (A-)

This show is truly superb, and a two-hour season premiere like this indicates that it’s going to continue to be great for some time to come. This opener progresses less far into the future than past seasons have, skipping ahead to bit to show how things have turned out following, to cite only the two most crucial developments, Don and Megan’s wedding and the birth of Joan’s child. Interestingly, Betty Draper is nowhere to be found during the whole two hours, but that doesn’t mean that Don’s love life is any calmer than usual. Throwing Don a surprise party was not a good idea, though Megan did throw her heart into it since she just doesn’t quite understand how her new husband’s mind works. Her show of defiance while she was cleaning the apartment didn’t go as planned, and I suspect that Don will soon grow frustrated with her and return to his old ways, though he is able to boss her around in a way that he wasn’t quite able to do with Betty. Pete and Roger seem to have quite the rivalry going now, with each managing to infuriate the other on a regular basis. Harry appears to be friendless, offending Megan and then selling his soul to Roger so that Pete could get a bigger office without Roger having to give up his. Casting Christine Estabrook as Joan’s mother was a brilliant idea, and Joan showed her staying power when she marched right into the office after seeing the joke ad put in the paper. Lane’s retrieval of the wallet and subsequent meeting with its owner were nothing short of mesmerizing, and I’m so glad he’s become a featured character on the show. It’s a pleasure to have this show back, and I look forward to another complex and rewarding season ahead.

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