Friday, March 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 17 “Fancyman, Part 1” (B+)

I love that Jess is technically the star of this show, yet all four characters are featured almost equally prominently, with even Winston getting a fair amount of focus in this particular half-hour. Nick’s terrible credit care was a hilarious intro, and I enjoyed his efforts to be the man with no phone and how that led to his rather embarrassing introduction to Russell. Jess didn’t start off too well with him either, yammering about taking condoms off of cucumbers and then accepting his offer of a car when hers stalled. The Japanese talking toilet was a hoot, but the best part of all was Nick putting on Russell’s sweater and then making a whole bunch of ridiculous demands while sitting at his desk. His penning of a letter to a friend since he had no phone was pretty damn funny too. I’m glad that he encouraged Jess to say yes to Russell’s invitation to dinner, and I look forward to seeing how that goes. Winston talking to his little kid friend Alvin again was a delight, and I particularly liked Alvin’s suggestion that he start wearing fake glasses. Schmidt’s competency at trivia is no surprise, and I like how his competitive spirit inspired Winston to try to memorize trivia in order to impress Shelby. The best citation of his incorrect answer was naming Crispin Glover as the first man to die in the Revolutionary War. Leave it to Schmidt to not take the hint and leave Winston and Shelby alone while they’re in the middle of making out.

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