Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: Luck (Series Finale)

Luck: Season 1, Episode 9 (A-)

After only nine episodes, it’s sad to see this show go, but in light of its recent cancellation due to the deaths of three horses during the filming process, this is as strong a way as any to close out and conclude this show’s arcs. Everyone cheering Rosie on during the first race in which she leads them to victory, with Renzo’s mother and the doctor present to make the win even more magnificent, was a great scene, and the squeaker of a finish during the derby was fantastic as well. These guys were a strange bunch, but they made great ensemble players, particularly Ian Hart’s Lonnie. I liked that Rosie was celebrating with them as well, and I imagine her character is one that would have been featured more heavily in season two. Turo expressing his newfound desire to start a family was made tragic by Jo losing the baby, but it’s clear from his constant check-ins and his affectionate comforting of her by her bedside that he’s reevaluating his feelings for her as well as for the child he was going to have. Gus and Ace seeing Nathan’s severed head made that whole plotline infinitely more sickening and real, and it was sweet that Ace called Claire to hear her voice after that horrifying experience. The arrival of Ace’s grandson changed things considerably, and I’m glad that Ace was able to express that he doesn’t blame him for letting things fall apart, and that he’d like things to be different going forward. Gus proved himself a loyal and capable servant by taking out the assassin sent to kill Ace in the restaurant bathroom. Ace’s desire to give away a horse once a month is noble, and hopefully he won’t get too much trouble from his vindictive rivals. I would have loved to see where this show went in future seasons, and I doubt that we’ll see even a glimpse of what was already filmed for season two before production was shut down. Regardless of what happens in the future, I hope that this show will be remembered for its quality and not the reason that it was cancelled so quickly.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Dustin Hoffman & Dennis Farina as Ace and Gus

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