Saturday, March 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parenthood (Season Finale)

Parenthood: Season 3, Episode 18 “My Brother’s Wedding” (B+)

It’s always worthwhile to read up on when a show’s season finale is airing, because sometimes they just catch you off guard! I didn’t realize that this was the final installment of this show’s third season, but it did serve as a monumental, progressive hour that will set the show in a positive new direction should it be renewed for a fourth season, which is hardly a certainty at this point. Opening the episode with Crosby and Jasmine breaking up with their respective partners, who reacted quite differently, was a strong way to dismiss them from the storyline, and the wedding itself was understated and moving. The drama between Crosby and Adam became quite entertaining when they started physically fighting in front of the whole family, resulting in a humorous conversation between Haddie and Max about who won the fight and what consequences Adam should get. Crosby telling Adam he could sell was mature, and Adam ripping up the napkin at the wedding was sweet. They’re sure to be in for an adventure together. I’m glad that Drew and Amy have taken the next step together, and while they’re hardly the focal point of the series, it’s good to see them getting closer. Amber and Bob seem to have come around to a good place, and, shockingly, so have Sarah and Mark. I thought he was done for after scaring Sarah away with baby talk, but he didn’t give up, and now we have another wedding to look forward to soon! The sky baby adoption turned out well, and though it’s sure to have its own set of problems, Joel and Julia have another child now. This has been a great season of a great show, and I do hope to see it back again in the fall.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Erika Christensen & Peter Krause

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