Monday, March 26, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 4 “Kate is Enough” (C+)

In theory, there’s something extremely interesting about having a character, more than just a suspect or victim in a case, that exists in dramatically different fashion in two universes. Amy Smart’s character in “The Butterfly Effect” immediately comes to mind, as she played a sorority sister in one universe and a prostitute in the other. Rex’s old babysitter Kate wasn’t nearly as intriguing in her dual role that put her opposite Michael in the interrogation room. It’s increasingly irritating to hear both Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans demean Michael’s dual existence by referring to the other universe as a dream, and shocking him into reality is not a productive solution. It seems that we’ve totally forgotten about Laura Innes’ character, the police captain who was somehow involved in creating Michael’s situation by bringing about the car crash, and I think it would be very worthwhile to return to that to give some relevance to Michael’s splintered reality. It was exceedingly obvious from the opening moments in which Rex got into a fight with his friend because he used his racket that said racket had been a gift from his mother, and this show needs to step up its plotting so that its familial interactions are far more complex and interesting. Taking over the job of playing the obvious culprit on TV shows from Raphael Sbarge, currently seen as a good guy on “Once Upon a Time,” is Eric Lange, here playing one of the company men and best known as the irritable Radzinsky on “Lost.”

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