Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I’m Watching: 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls: Season 1, Episode 18 “And the One-Night Stands” (B+)

This episode represents a remarkable rebound from last week’s unfortunate installment, not fully problem-free but certainly devoid of the stupidity and laziness that dominated “And the Kosher Cupcakes.” What was funniest about this particular episode was the way in which the show tied all of its subplots together in that diner revelation scene, where Sofia informed Max that she saw Caroline kissing Edwin the webmaster, Caroline outed Oleg’s affair with Sofia, and Han revealed that he saw Edwin at a strip club to which Earl had taken him. The choreography of the scene was fun, and I particularly loved Earl’s shocked reaction to the news of the strip club visit being announced. The “get rid of him” gimmick was a bit unexciting, but it was entertaining that it came full-circle when Irish took off his shirt in jail and showed off his tattoo of Max. The bang bus trip was very much in line with all of the other human interactions this series showcases, highly unlikely and exaggerated but funny nonetheless. Some white trash ice cream is always good to cheer people up, and the peculiar product placement for Carvel can’t hurt either. Since we have yet to see or hear him, Caroline’s father is becoming somewhat of a shadowy enigma, but I presume that’s mainly because he’ll appear eventually for some important reason and has yet to be cast. Once again, in the absence of her father, Max, despite all of her flaws, has proven to be Caroline’s BFF, whatever that might stand for in this case.

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